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Technical service

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We know we live in an increasingly competitive and globalized world, where technology is essential therefore offer the following technical services:


Our technicians are directed to your home or office to diagnose and repair equipment; keeping them in optimal condition thus guarantee that our customers will not suffer delays due to lack of updates or malfunction, we offer a quality service with packages for hours that fit their schedules and needs.

At our facilities

We have our own parking for our customers and the best tools and techniques for precise diagnosis of your equipment for free, keeping you informed at all times of the procedures performed in it.

Our services in this site include the following:

Electronic Workshop

We specialize in repairs of all electronic equipment, being completely free diagnosis. We focus our electronic support systems use problems, damage electrical current (peak current or voltage) or factory faults (defective parts), the most advanced techniques are used in the electronic fault diagnosis in power supplies, Chargers laptops, monitors letter cd monitors, laptops cups, electronics and electrical equipment giving the customer the certainty and security that this will not have high repair costs.